🌲M͛A͛G͛I͛C͛ T͛R͛E͛E͛ H͛O͛U͛S͛E͛🌲

screenshot of 🌲M͛A͛G͛I͛C͛ T͛R͛E͛E͛ H͛O͛U͛S͛E͛🌲

😄😄🎉🎉I got hall of fame!!! Thanks guys! Instructions: Get Jack's bag, get the door keys from your mom and dad's room, go to the tree house, tap the note, find the item, and bring it to Teddy! Updates: No longer will the tree house fall when you're in Russia, now you can swipe in the house if you want to look around, minor dialogue and bug fixes were made.

Created by Harbaugh87