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Wimp guy falls down the stairs

I have started a new series I call it wimp guy!!! Let's hope I will get lots of likes

Wimp guy falls down the stairs {Am4nda}

Shoot Test Dummys! (Pistol)

Shoot Test Dummys! (Pistol) 🔹🔷Guyo21🔷🔹

This could hurt

This could hurt {Am4nda}

Wimp disaster

Wimp disaster {Am4nda}

Wimp guy dies

You might think this series is over. But it is NOT

Wimp guy dies {Am4nda}

Elsa goes to jail

Elsa goes to jail {Am4nda}

"Jeff Eats" Apology to fans

Hey guys! I am soooooooo sorry for what I said on "Jeff Eats part 4" I didn't mean to harm anyone. I was just really mad. I deleted part 4, so please forgive me! I'm human, I make mistakes. So moderator, can you please unreject, if possible. So, as long as you mention where you got the idea from, you can Terribly sorry! 😞😣😢😥😪 P.S. I really like your creations! They're really funny!

"Jeff Eats" Apology to fans C. Macdonald

Flash nightmare simulation

Flash nightmare simulation {Am4nda}

Ideas For Blocksworld!

Like if you agree in Anyone of them , So this World May be shown to The Editors Of BW so they may make any idea of The ideas! , tap the buttons

Ideas For Blocksworld! Moneygrabber!

"Jeff Eats" Part 4: missile

Welcome to another version of "Jeff Eats" Sense the creator isn't doing it I am doing it for him! K THANKS BYE 5️⃣0️⃣ 👍 4️⃣ part 5️⃣ (P.S if the Missile lands on the ground restart the game 😬)

"Jeff Eats" Part 4: missile Powderpuff87


Can we get a thousand five-hundred more likes for my FLASH (CW SHOW) world? I'm hoping to get my first LEGENDARY! It's already at hall of fame. If we do get there, I will make the Flash controllable and available for sale. Please like and enjoy.


Mah new house!

It will get bigger as you like it! NOW UPDATED! Also, thanks for getting boeing 787 flight simulator elite! Yes, Its a house party with many people including: Isyraf 191 Connor476 Cracker Winterheart Xtech1 Moneygrabber TheWill44 ENJOI!

Mah new house! J120💥

Nick goes to jail

Nick goes to jail {Am4nda}

Walk in a bubble

Walk in a bubble {Am4nda}

Angry birds

Pigs stoll bomb and 2 eggs drag and let go to launch red to the tower hey birds are cross overs from dinosaurs Hey let's get ANGRY

Angry birds
Ball pit {Am4nda}

Mario rush - castle

Mario rush - castle {Am4nda}

Should I get powers?

Please like!! Powers come at 45 likes. I just had a Powerater 4000.

Should I get powers? AndyTrinh209

Dog adoption!!!

Du you liak doges??? WHO DOESNT??? Go adopt a dog in my models.. DU IT OR GET SLOBBERED ON!! By a dog... Not meh... Heh. U hav strange thoughts

Blend up wimp guy

Blend up wimp guy {Am4nda}

"Jeff Eats" Part 2: chili pepper

Hey guys! Welcome back! This is the next world in the Jeff eats series. Like and I'll make part 3! Thanks for playing! See you next time in " Jeff Eats Part 3" ( P.S If the pepper doesn't make it into his mouth, restart it. Sorry for any inconvenience !😬) P.P.S. I am sorry for what I said on part 4, I didn't mean it, I was just upset. See, "Jeff Eats Apology to fans"

"Jeff Eats" Part 2: chili pepper C. Macdonald

Lachrymose Returns - Episode 6

This, like Episode 3, is a relatively unimportant episode. It familiarizes Masterman with Lachrymose's plan.

Lachrymose Returns - Episode 6 Nopenop!

Lachrymose Returns - Episode 5

In this episode, we are taken to Lachrymose's evil, abandoned water tower lair. Also, I will put everyone who requests in the grand finale episode!

Lachrymose Returns - Episode 5 Nopenop!

Noobmagedon S3 Pt. 9

Sorry, I had to go to a concert and do homework. Credit to CR0333 for the bike. STΔRRIΠG: Connor476 Nopenop Moneygrabber Goldie & Butta Barronito (NEW!) THANK YOU FOR ELITE!!!

Noobmagedon S3 Pt. 9 Connor476

Apex Prime (Powermaster)

Also known as God Ginrai in Transformers Victory. This is the combined form of Powermaster Optimus Prime and his drone companion Apex Bomber.

Apex Prime (Powermaster) Aroro85

The T-Rex went on vacation!

uh oh...

The T-Rex went on vacation! J120💥

Aquaman nightmare simulation

Aquaman nightmare simulation {Am4nda}


Choose your motorcycle and race to the end Special feature:You get to choose your own motorcycle And give credit to Sir Game Rocker because he made those awesome motorcycles and I just designed it.Make sure to buy his awesome featured model called Dirtbike 😀 OH MAH GUD!!!! ELITE!!

Drag race (MOTORBIKE EDITION) Bad Edge


Play as Captain America and take down the Winter Soldier with a new and improved combat system created by scratch. Enjoy!!! 🅱ENSTER


Free your friend!

If you get it right it turns green If you get it wrong... well ill just let you figure that one out If you enjoyed please leave a like Thank you so much for all the publicity! If the world gets legendary I will sell the cabinet but no making a world or I will report you

Free your friend! Pig-cat11