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Build Anything
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Snap together 3D blocks
on your iPad to form
cars, rockets and more!

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Create using more
than 50 shapes, colors,
characters and more!

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Animate & Interact

Bring life to your creations
with more than 40
actions and controls!

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Play your own creations
or those shared by other
players from around the world!

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Learn & Grow

Learn new building techniques
and earn more blocks with over
20 fast and fun puzzle games!

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What's New

Create & Share


Playfull Orca, Halloween Update!

Super cool rocket yacht, and a spooky pumpkin, Check it out!  Learn More


"Born to be wild!" Left/Right to control handle bar angle Forward to drive Please rate for more features! Learn More

Vaccume Cleaner

Auto driver, use mover to steer Learn More

Old Driftig Car King 1920


The Legend Of Zelda The Coin King


MRAP Army Truck

I made I look like a MRAP I worked hard on it hope like it.  Learn More

Awsome Target Practice

Update!!! Now it's night time and you have two bullets. Also when you shoot the target a zombie appears. So shoot it and win, but don't get infected! Or you lose!  Learn More

Epic Dungen Game, For Older iPad's

The same game with fewer blocks so it can run on older iPad's Learn More

Need Treasure! (builders Challenge!)

You are poor (this photo is your future) see your future at the end! + hidden sheep! Thanks everyone for the feature! Plz like my first feature ever!!! Learn More

Treasure Hunt


VC-Syverious 26

The Space Ship VC-26 !!!NEW:TAP BOTH LEFT & RIGHT direction keys TO REACH LIGHT SPEED!!! No,just joking,haha. Updated to 1.3,now you can Tap the L button to switch to the pilot and go inside the ship to have a look,also you can drive the laser car into the ship,and the laser tower can be used,too! You can check my profile for more good works! Have fun and like ^_^ please. Thanks for the feature! Learn More

Sending Probe To Space Simulation.

This is a simulation how to send a probe to space! You only have to watch the simulation. Have fun!  Learn More

X Marks The Spot (For contest)

Find the key to help lil' Bill find Brick-beard's missing treasure! ( For contest ) Please like if you enjoyed it ;) Thank you so much for featuring this is my first feature!!!  Learn More

「The Desert Parkour」

Try to finish The Desert Parkour! Remeber: Don't touch the Red Block! Be careful the Green Block! Get all the Crystal! 😄Have Fun! Learn More

First-Person Shooter: Level 1

Using game blocks, motors, the "freeze" and lasers, I have constructed a first person shooter. Level 2 coming when I get more coins!(I'm getting an iTunes card soon, not from you guys it's cool 😀) But if you could leave a like, that would be awesome guys! Can we get 100 likes for hiding NPC's? Thanks SO MUCH for featured! Updates coming soon! Learn More

Treasure collecting obstacle course

Updated to 1.1,Fly to reach the jewel,find the key to save the princess,climb up to the floating island...this is a journey of infinity surprise. NOTE: DON'T USE THE MOVER when YOU ARE FLYING,or you CANNOT REACH YOUR DESTINATION! Version 1.2 is under design, more fun and exciting things will be added. You can also check my profile to find more good works. Please like and share ! ^_^ Learn More

Help Princess Cadence

Omg guys you are the best... I just... I just can't thank you enough! I'll make an update when I have the time I just looked and BAM it was featured! I love you guys! Learn More

The Ancient Phonix Temple Ruin

When you start better get of the wooden raft before it burns crisp Learn More

Grab The Gem! (Challenge)

Get the gem! Don't fall in anything red! FEATURED UPDATE: Added new speech bubble. New photo. Learn More

Treasure Hunt /For Challenge