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Mars Exploration Rover

Take control of the M-C-0.55 Rover, nicknamed "Mi Casa Es Su Casa". Once the lander settles down, you head Casa off into the red dunes of Mars. Take some samples of a new ore, test the soil in several spots, and eventually find a clue to the possibility of a past civilization! This is for the contest, I hope you like it! Woohoo! My second featured world!

Mission On Mars! (FEATURED!!!)

You are on a mission to Mars to collect a rock sample and return home! I got Featured! Let's go for Hall Of Fame!

Mars Exploration (FEATURED?!?!)

No way!!!!! I got featured!!! You guys are the best!!! 😭 Collect Mars rocks to bring back for sampling!

Mars's Machine: Curiosity.


Mars Adventure (Builders Challenge)

Sorry For Bad Turning😕 Yay! I Got Featured Again! Thx Guys!

Mars Exploration




My Mars Rover (read Desc)

My first car! For the Mars challenge! It took several days to make and code, and I included a 'alien' to add to the theme. Take it to heart that at least I tried. I added a turret you can use to shoot down the alien. Use the mover to aim and the ! Button to fire

What He Found On Mars!😁 HARD!

MUST READ SUPER HARD!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR GETTING THIS WORLD FEATURED!!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄☺️☺️😊😀😃😄😃😀😊☺️ To win you must defeat the alien as fast as you can before it gets you! Also you should go up the mountain and find shelter to be safe. The food is just for fun😉

Marble 🔮 Life

Live the life of a marble!!🎈🔮🎈

Garbage Collecting

Collect garbage. Back up to the orange block, press R to dump can. There are 7 in town! Look through top window to see what you collected.

Fire Drill For(challenge)


Ski Slope Ice Rescue

Sekykavik, BK. Emergency paramedics must save a frostbitten skiier! For the contest, leave a like! OH MY GOSH GUYS, THANKS! This is my fourth featured world!

Rescue Helicopter Simulator

Uh oh! Three people are stranded on an island! It's up to you to rescue them safely! Please give a like when you've finished playing, it would be very nice for me. *FEATURED WORLD* THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!


Get to the designated place and take the old man to the hospital! Hope u like! OMG IM FEAUTURED! THANKS SO MUCH

Hydrant To The Rescue! (Challenge)

A sand storm has rolled in! Take to the skies and rescue all boat riders! Fly near the boats to score a point! (3 in total) Note: the point system is a little buggy like when you get to the second boat but do not worry it still counts even when it says u have 1 point.

Ambulance (challenge)

OMG thank you so much guys I got featured!

Save Him Simulator (For challendge


Rescue Leia (behind The Scenes)

You are a Rebel-spy during A New Hope and you found a shortcut to her in the air vents, but the only way to get in is to find a secret hidden keycard and the only way to get it is to get past the security system!! P.S. This the combination of the rescue challenge entry, the alien challenge entry, and the maze challenge entry!!

G.I. Joe Zombie Rescue Squad