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House Nightmare

Not really creepy but if you are scared of small things this game is not for you Omg! This for the likes I never had this much likes before!!!!!!!i mean I got featured! I never been featured before!!!! I'm just asking but can we get elite???!?!?

Time Warp (for The Challenge)

Please like!

Time Traveling #2

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Me and Maverick/Mav has gone an a adventure to the Archean Period! From the Cretaceous era? They needed a flying timetraveler! They have turntables in there eyes forever!!!! JK until they get there! IVE NEVER GOT FEATURED!!! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!! 1000 likes? Can we get to elite?

Boom Ball Time Machine Change Entr

y. The third thing was to not make you feel not like a criminal. Added a featured structure in the old west.Please like👍. Thanks for making it featured! Please play my food truck level!

Time Machine !


Time Travail (Featured!)

Travail to the time of dinosours! This my first feature world

Tme Warp Adventure (for Challenge)

Doctor Who version A Whovian cant resist a challenge like this 😂

Time Machine (For Challenge)

My time machine for the challenge! OMG GUYS THANKS SOOO MUCH! I KNEW WE COULD DO IT!

Time Machine To The Dino Ages

Press L For Coding! Get into the time machine and see where you will end out! Plz leave a like!

Time Machine A Blocksworld Short

Featured are you crazy thanks blocksworld this as you know is just a movie no need to do something

Rock Crawling For Pro's!

Super suspension, countless obstacles, what's not to love?! Enjoy the game and check out my profile for more :-)

Mutated T-Rex For Challenge

In this world I show you my mutant T. rex if you think it's cool then like If you want to 😊



Armored Rex For Challenge

Hopefully I'm not late for my second entry! Anyway, take this armored rex and destroy ACU Security guards and a Braciosaurus!

Mer-Rex (for Challenge )


Indominous Rex X (for Challenge)

The Indominous Rex... NOW WITH THE ABILITY TO TRANSFORM INTO A DRAGON!!! Controls Upper switch--- DRAGON FORM Lower switch--- DINO FORM Acceleration--- ROAR Three Arrows button--- Go faster (DINO) ; Fall down (DRAGON) UPDATE 2.0!!! More weather coding! Syncs with music! Added interactive dinosaurs! Experience the last days of the Dino Era. THANK U ALL FOR FEATURED!!! Its my first featured world, so thanks

Clawasor 👇(For Challenge)

FACTS: Clawasors are a little bit like humans, they have deferent personalities. Some are wonderful parents and will do anything for their children. And some will actually eat their own kids! FACTS: Calwasors can live in almost any terrain expected canyons.FACTS: Clawasors are excellent swimmers. OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! I'VE NEVER BEEN FEATURED BEFORE!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Carnotaurus And Iguanodon For Cha.

Please leave a like I worked hard.

G1 Grimlock (Transformable)

Powerful Leader of the Dinobots

Alicornasaurus FOR CHALLENGE!!😄