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Snap together 3D blocks
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Create using more
than 50 shapes, colors,
characters and more!

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Bring life to your creations
with more than 40
actions and controls!

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Play your own creations
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players from around the world!

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Learn new building techniques
and earn more blocks with over
20 fast and fun puzzle games!

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What's New

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Block Golf Pro 3

Can you make it? Thanks for featured! Learn More

Plants Vs Zombies 🌼🍄🌵💥💀💀💀

Wave1: Zombie ConeHead Zombie Olyimbic Zombie Bucket Zombie Boss: Disco Zombie (With Disco Partner) Update: Can lose😱 Update2: Can win🎉 Learn More

A Day With Steve

You can do many activities. If you want to sleep, tap the bed. If you want to fight, first tap the crafting table, collect your sword, and fight! P.S: Just tap the door if you want to open it. Learn More

Run for your life ( Wife ) !!! (challenge)

Please like and have fun! (DaveBOy30)Thank you guys for featured! Thank you guys so much! Please like ! : ) Learn More

Builder Run (For Builder Challenge)

(From Temple Run) Learn More

Freezers Dungeon

Defeat Freezer the Yeti Boss,you are Stone Seabreeze A archaeologist who discovers treasure around the world WARNING VERY HARD. Controls,Mover Buttons R to turn invisible and L to turn normal again Up to jump. THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!!! Learn More

Battle The Hydra! (Now With Coding!)

Can you kill him? Wow, guys, thanks so much for being featured I am so overjoyed! All you guys who likes are great! 😄 Learn More

Indiana Jones (Challenge) Updated!

It's not fully because I don't have spikes to move so I made this short one. Make sure to like it if you enjoyed it! Also check my profile. My heart was pumped when I got featured thanks! 😃 ⚠️ Update ⚠️ Since you gave my featured I added a music from the pack I had gotten thanks so much! And I added a new map the desert! Bump the woman to win! Also added Feature sign 👍. Learn More

Super Mario Bros / Level #1 / UPDATE

Hello everybody, I just released an update! Like it? Than make sure to give this world a big thumbs up! More updates, with more likes!  Learn More

Blocksworld Games: The Goblin King

Level 1: The Goblin king is controlling the enemies! Kill all enemies and collect all lots to win!  Learn More

Eat Turkey Happy Thanks Giving😃


A Game/for Challange


Get To The Top!

Find all 5 Grey blocks to make stairs longer for getting in the tower and win! My first adventure game. Thanks for Featured! Thanks for playing and be sure to Like! Here is the coding! Press L to show! Learn More

Welcome To The Boss Level

Thanks for getting me featured! 😃 If I get more coins, I'll make more games like this! Learn More

Mario Level For Builder Challenge

Hit red blocks, they might help! Fixed error on final battle. PLZ oh please get this world featured!!! None of my worlds get featured!!!!!! thanks so much for getting me featured. 300 likes for a special update!Now added fireworks on the 2nd cloud. now changed music! Learn More

Blocks world Fee Games At You Play


X-mas Wonderland (blox Builder)NEW

Please like if u like Christmas Learn More

Play A Game On The Xbox Update2

Pls like it was hard THANK you all so much I update it have a good time Learn More

Superman. The Minigame

Lex is on the lose in Metropolis and has Kryptonite beams! Will you stop lex from his next evil plan? Pt2 coming soon Update 1.0  Learn More

Destroy The Plane

Adventure climb the tower jump to plane fight inside  Learn More