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Police Chase

Will update soon. Don't press R!

Cop Chase

Escape the police by jumping into buildings, dodging bullets, and outrunning cop cars. Thanks everyone for the feature! Trying hard for Elite! Every like counts, so please help!

Epic Police Chase FEATURED

Catch the drunk driver before he hits something or someone! Plz like a lot of hard work got in this EMG MEH FURST FEATURED WURLD I got Popular but not FEATURED lol thx 😃

Intense Car Chase

Drive through the city and get to the secret hide out

Car Chase For Contest.

Your in a car chase with your brother.

Zamboni Chase Like For Me Plz

Car chase

Epic Car Chase!! (update!)

ADDED: city! He is easier to loose, and amazing music! I would make a lot of turns if I were you. This took sooooo much testing, plz like! (And check my profile) 😀

Car Chase (v 2.0)


Epic Space Car Chase

Press R for accuracy L to fire lasers. This is my second time featured!

Car Chase (read)

Car chase Race the cops

Ultimate Car Chase

Your being chased by the cops and you got in a monster truck to get away! Survive 1 minute to win and be free! 25 likes for different music 50 likes for improvements and different style for truck 100 likes for boosters for all cars Featured, for terrain obstacles and better looking world this challenge is possible to beat I tested it but it is a slim chance to win so that makes it fun and challenging to win

Car Chase 2.1.3

I Made The Cars Faster To Make It More Of A High Speed Chase Scene And Please Like Because This Is My First Featured World

Valentine Surprises!

THANKS SO MUCH FOR HALL OF FAME!!!!!! I was to lazy to add a hall of fame sign so I took the other one down will add the sign later!

Valentines Day Roller coaster

Oh man! This even got Hall of Fame! I don't know what to say. I don't know anything else to ad if I get legendary. Thank you all for liking and all who liked this is just beast and awesome. Also I made some minor improvements and added the gigantic drop at the end.

Cross the Street to Your Valentine


ValentinesDay Love

This story is about two people who fall in love and are going out for dinner and well you will see the rest. Please like this well if you liked it😄 this took me hours to make and happy late /early valentines and as always stay awesome.(ps thank you for the feature and the 1000+ likes it means a lot to me ❤️💚 so thank you and again stay awesome.) -rexguy321 aka rexguy321 the first

Welcome to Valentines Diner

Can you talk to a girl in a restaurant?This is for the challenge! If you tap the wrong button your game will restart.

Valentine Wedding

Credit to I cookie for the cake idea. Thank you for my first feautured world

Happy Valentine's Day (Challenge)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Follow the dirt road. Please get me featured!!!! :D Update: More people Swan Boat


💌If you're a couple and want to be in the park, tell me! ⚠️🚧🚧STILL IN CONSTRUCTION🚧🚧⚠️ 💌Couple at bridge: Rocker Gamer & Her Bf 💌Couple with Baby: DemiGod Girl & DiamondKing 💌Couple Behind The Fountain: MSlot & Maddie 💌Couple In Front Of the Piano: Darienla & Sunder 💌Couple at the picnic near the fountain: Mocking Jay & KatieLaw