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VC-Syverious 26

The Space Ship VC-26 !!!NEW:TAP BOTH LEFT & RIGHT direction keys TO REACH LIGHT SPEED!!! No,just joking,haha. Updated to 1.3,now you can Tap the L button to switch to the pilot and go inside the ship to have a look,also you can drive the laser car into the ship,and the laser tower can be used,too! You can check my profile for more good works! Have fun and like ^_^ please. Thanks for the feature! Learn More

Sending Probe To Space Simulation.

This is a simulation how to send a probe to space! You only have to watch the simulation. Have fun!  Learn More

First-Person Shooter: Level 1

Using game blocks, motors, the "freeze" and lasers, I have constructed a first person shooter. Level 2 coming when I get more coins!(I'm getting an iTunes card soon, not from you guys it's cool 😀) But if you could leave a like, that would be awesome guys! Can we get 100 likes for hiding NPC's? Thanks SO MUCH for featured! Updates coming soon! Learn More

Blue Crystal God Water

I want the game blocks treasure mega booster Learn More

Coin Collecting Obstacle Course

The life jacket makes you float Soooooo cool Learn More

The Old Couple (Don't Stare At Them)

THANK YOU SO MUCH! GIANT UPDATE AS SOON AS I GET SOME MORE SUPPLIES ADDED. (Not from you guys though it's cool.) :)  Learn More

Tilt Maze

Can you make it out? Learn More

Obstacle Course (Builders Contest)

Go Pass Through The Obstacle Course.If You Do Please Like And Please Get Me Featured.Thanks For Featured. I Update This World.Now,It's Coin Collecting!  Learn More

Obstacle Course (challenge )


Supa Obstacle Course For Challenge


Obstacle course (contest)


Estranged (obstacle course)

My first attempt and first builders challenge. Be nice I'm a 1 day noob lol It's hard but doable. Haven't learned any game elements yet, sorry. Enjoy 😊 Learn More

Mario Obstacle Course (competition)

It is really hard but possible. Learn More

Obstacle Course (For Challenge)

Take on this hard and fun obstacle course.  Learn More

Obstacle Corse Builder's Challenge


Obstacle Course (Updated!)

Plz like! ;) New!: -You need to collect the coins and the idol! -I make the lava jump easy! -I make the jump high! AND THANKS FOR MAKING MY WOLRD INTO FEUTURED!!! ;D Learn More

Obstacle Course (challenge)


IMPOSSIBLE Obstacle Course (Read)

if you beat this, your better than indiana jones. WARNING: this is S.U.P.E.R. HARD! injury or death may oucur. Learn More

Obstacle Corse [Building Challenge]


Lvl Expert!!! Obstacle Course (Long)

Please like this course When you are not an expert you can skip the first part by going on the black part on the right Learn More