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Underwater Fortress [for Chal.]

Yay! Another featured world I have now two featured worlds! Explore this fun house , and leave a 👍 if you enjoyed!😊

Underwater Fortress (Challenge)

The weapons is just a water guns THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEATURED NOTE:This is my first featured world thank you very very much

Underwater Fortress Adventure!

Help Waterman get to the underwater fortress! The arrows point which direction you should go. Leave a 👍! 11/20/15 OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME I HAVE GOT FEATURED!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LINDEN LAB!!!!!!

Teddy's Underwater Base(for Challng


Vault-Tec Underwater Vault (BC)

(BC=Build Challenge.) Explore a brand new, state of the art underwater vault from Vault-Tec! This new vault is the future, literally, of vault life! Explore the vault, meet your overseer, and lounge around! When disaster strikes, trust Vault-Tec!* *Trademark 2115 Vault-Tec

Destroying The Under Water Fortress

Don't cheat only if want to see or just cheat..don't.UPDATED fixed less lag more longer new adding a like parkcore that dissaper sea people others! FEATURED AWSOME I never thought I be on featured I woke up 2:00hours later boom FEATURED THANK YOU EVERYONE! Took 2 day each day was 3:00hours and 4:00 Destroy the underwater fortress Challage try to get the end 1st

Underwater B-29 Super-fortress!

For Build Challenge See what I did with the name? FFFEEEAAAAATTTTEEEERRRREEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Underwater Fortress

This took two days hope you like

The Underwater Secret!

This is for the challenge. Enjoy!



Kill The Dragon (build Challenge)

Please like!

Japanese Volcano Dragon

The Japanese Volcano Dragon has come to terrorize Blocktropolis! Shoot lasers of fire and make lava explosions. Ride this majestic dragon and destroy the city!

Japanese Dragon

Yey, dragons! This was really fun making, and I hope you guys enjoy! Took a while, but turned out to be really cool! Featured again! Thanks so much for all your support guys!

Wipeout: Japanese Dragon Edition

Go through the course and press the red button that is inside the dragons mouth. Note:the fire does not hurt you. (For challenge)

Tsunami Dragon 4 Chal!

Just a tsunami dragon! Sry if it's kinda boring, I rushed with it a bit. OMG FEATURED!?! THANK YOU SO MUCH! New updates: Day or night Catch a fish game Btw sorry if the fish game is too hard! I tried it myself and did so... Yea.

Spinogon ( For Challenge )

This fire beast is now for sale ! And for challenge ! Don't use this for challenges , you should modify it or you cheated . Just put your own design and it's done ! OMGOMGOMG !!!! THANKS FOR FEATURED BW !!! I LOVE YOU GUYS , THANKS SO MUCH 😄😃😀😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😄😜😃😃👍🙏🙌👋✌️🌞🌍🐉!!

Korean Lung Dragon For Challenge

COPYRIGHTED!!!! DONT COPY AT ALL WITHOUT CREDIT PLEASE!!!!!!took me 2 days and did not sleep all night so please like✨😸✨😓😅........😔😞😔😌😴😌😴😌😴😌😴😌😴....😮😧😟☺️😊I tired!P.S. If you hit the gong it makes noise!✨😸✨ And its BLOCKSWORLDS VERY FIRST MOVING PUPIL IN THE EYE!!!! It also has a moving toungue and a pearl in its claws and most of you forgot that important detail

Oriental Dragon Of Wisdom

This is the challenge entry for the Oriental Dragon. The dragon is very fun to fly, but was difficult to make. Let's make this featured by adding likes! UPDATE! Added legs! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR HELPING TO GET THIS FEATURED! More minor changes. FIXED CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE AND ADDED DOJO.

The Way Of The Dragon Challenge

Usually I have a big story or level attached to the challenge entries, but I couldn't think of something to do for this so here is a fun little world with a dragon. The little house is flammable. FEATURED

Giant Blockster (For Challenge)

I Just Added An Obstacle Course. Tips: 1. RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN. 2. Wait Till The Walls Hide And Then Get Past The Choppy Thingy Thing Thing... 3.MAKE SURE THE BIG GIANT GUY ON THE SNAPSHOT DOES NOT CATCH U!