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What's New

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A Wizzards Journey

You are a wizzard who has magic powers. You can switch between your staff and your broom to get around obstacles. The broom has the power of flight, but takes alot of mana! The staff has magic missle, which takes a smaller amount of mana and can destroy enemies and obstacles. My second feature! Thank you! I just made the first RPG in blocks world, and I spent alot of time on it, so go check it out!

Mars Outpost

Explore this vision of future interplanetary habitation with your astronaut

Space Pirate Ship

Pirates! In space! With lasers!

NASA Pack: Shuttle Sim


crazy riding


First Person Basketball: MEDIUM

I am Kobe Brian!!! (jk)

WarFeilders S1 Ep.1


Big Water Slide

Chech my other worlds and like please!

Spy Craft Jumper


World Champion Car Racing

This Is The World Competition Come and Watch Cheer Them On

Prop Hunt (read Disc)

You sparkle when you get three blocks away from the hidden blocks please like and I will keep adding onto this. Please use sound it adds to a better gaming experience.


Hit your opponent with the tip of the jousting lance to win, but don't fall into the lava. (Inspired by the old Atari game)

Bruizer's Ice-Blue Cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updates coming soon!

My Little Cafe


Snowy Café! ~ Builders Challenge! ❄️

Please like! I worked hard on this! I added my friends and added some more people too! Please get me featured! P.S This is my last world, I just made this for fun! - ☀️Sunshine This is gonna get UPDATES BY ADDING MORE PEOPLE! So if your meh friend and are not on here like and you might come into my cafe!! ENJOY

Elswarro's Café! (for Challenge)⬇️

I hope I get featured! The guy who is cooking is wearing a hair net!!😄😄😄😜😜 I GOT FEATURED!! WOOHOO! Haha I was actually crying I was so happy!

My Cafe For Challenge!!😋❤️💚

All my bffs are there! And watch out for Candy, who keeps slamming the Dorris people's face....😏plz like!

Sunny Days Cafe (For Challenge)

Okay so I have some real builders that are my friends in here. So first of all the 4 people at the booth-table are not real blocksworld builders. But others are... Aqua-customer Blizzard-customer Haynesworldva-customer Me-Awesomes(me)-waiter PotatoMunna-customer Khin5an-customer Germanygirl-chef ☀️Sunshine!☀️-customer That's all! Like to get me featured please!

The Outside Tropical Cafe

I worked hard on the coding so please like!!!! If I get featured I'll add a easter update!!!!

Annie 9151s Coffe Cafe!☕️

Explore my cafe!