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Snap together 3D blocks
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Create using more
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characters and more!

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Bring life to your creations
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actions and controls!

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Learn new building techniques
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HURRY!!! Bring The Cake To Te Party

(For challenge) hurry take the cake and bring it to the Party!

Happy B Day Blocksworld

Pleas like and celebrate!!!

2 Years Old! Happy Birthday

Not a game , walking baby.

Birthday To Blocksworld

For the current challenge is to make some for the creators of Blocksworld, and boy...we went farther in imagination. I can't wait for new technology, music, and blocks in the future. (R- Cake looking/L- Center looking)

🌟Happy Second Anniversary🌟


Blocksworld Birthday Party! 4 Chal.

Tap the fireworks to explode. Enjoy!

My Once Apona Time (for Chomp)

Yay you are to Queen of fariy land watch out for the goblins they want your magic! 🌸🌷🌷🌸

Humpy Dumpty For Challenge

Watch it The end is funny

The Beanstalk (for Challenge)

This is a game (and a story) about jack and the beanstalk

Princess & the frog (for challenge)2.0

It's the princess and the frog please like this took forever 😄😄😄UPDATE: -Less glitches -New fairytale land to explore -all new creatures and characters -you control the explorer NOTE: Occasionally you can't click the The End button if this happens please restart its an unlikely glitch sorry 😅

FairyTales: Kristen Quest

This is a made up fairy tale STORY LINE 👇 Kirsten and her family lives in a village where a king rules, the king just stole everyone's items and took childern Kristen wants to kill the king, the parents show her spy stuff, from her great uncle who died a war hero, It's your choice on how this fairytale will end, you will receive many opions there may be little hints... Diff things can happen with diff ppl

Fantasy World! (challenge)

Hope you like this world I made. OMG thank you guys who liked it and played it! It feels great to be a featured world and to be on blocks worlds Instagram!

A Pirate Tale

A playable story/mini-tale.

Crack The Code

64 combinations Top left second to bottom left second to right bottom and second bottom to right

Ultra Spaceplane (space Airplane)

like! Up makes you go up, down makes you go down, mover up makes you go front, mover back makes you reverse, mover left makes you go left, L makes you go light speed, attack button makes you shot lasers, <- makes you even, and -> is homing On your enemy's. P.S. mover right makes you go right. P.S.S. Have fun! Thanks for feature!

Hot Air Balloons, Plane For Challenge

Includes coding press talk button, update 2.0 FEATURED first featured thank you

Desert Bomber M2.1.7


Old Fashioned Airplane (4 Challenge)

OMG!!! Thank you Linden Lab for Featured! This is my first Featured world!

Red V.S. Blue: Dogfighting (4 Comp)

You and your opponent both have 3 lives. More Red V.S. Blue coming soon! From the guy who made Extreme Safari!

Flying Fortress Mk24

Instructions: Mover up : turn the flying fortress down Mover down : turn the flying fortress up Left arrow : turn the flying fortress left Right arrow : turn the flying fortress right Pls like also this is for contest also leave a like for more