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Snap together 3D blocks
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actions and controls!

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What's New

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Musical Madness [Read Description]

Please like for the next level which will also be updated HERE in this game. So check this and see if the new levels come out! The Music Shop has gone mad with it's hundreds of customers! It's the rest of the crew's break. You have to run the store by your own and get the customers happy. Learn how to deliver, repair, and give out instruments! Give out guitars, pianos, harmonicas, and trumpets! Learn More


PAC MAN! Learn More

Fantasy Quest Part 1: Gruntilla

In this first world of a multi-part series, you will fight two of Gruntilla's grunts and then, Gruntilla herself, a fairly difficult two-hit boss. Learn More

Lunar Lander

Mission to take readings from the alien planet and land back on the space station. Learn More

Optimus Prime Gym(WizardsRealm©)

Thank you for visiting Optimus Primes Work out. L to choose hand stand, L x2 to choose push ups, R to do the workout. Be sure to like. ;)  Learn More

Big Tree House (Autumn Edition)

Hey all ya lads out there Took 2 and a half days to make and i made with 223 blocks and 273 textures Learn More



Baseball Target Practice

This is very hard but possible. Please leave a like. I really need the likes. Learn More

Obstacle Course😝😜

Thank you everyone for making my world featured!😃😂 Learn More

PIXEL GUN: The Hospital🚑


Ferris Wheel

Please like, I worked really hard on it. Learn More



Space Agency Moon Rock Mission


Gryphon 1

L to sit R to stop sitting Up button to fly up Down button to stop flying or fall harder Half eagle half lion Thank you for 200 likes and getting me featured! Learn More

Boeing V-22 Osprey

Cool replica of the v-22 osprey from Boeing and it has functioning landing gear, rotating engines and a cool look likes are appreciated thanks for your support : ) R: rotation of engines L: landing gear /\: forward >: turn right <: turn left \/: reverse Learn More

The Tomb!


Outlaw's Deaths

Happy halloween! Learn More

Trick-or-Treat! 😱

Trick-or-Treat down the neighbourhood as a haunted golden skeleton! To get candy, simply tap the door on the houses! Happy Halloween! Like for updates! Thanks for featured Here's another update! Update 4- *Added graveyard, your house decoration! Bump on the last grave for a surprise! Tip:Bump on your house door after getting all the candy to win! Oh, the thing following you, that's Gloria, the Goofy Ghost! Learn More

Crossbow Madness!

Press ➡️ and ⬅️ to move the crossbow Press R to aim Press L and then ⬆️ to shoot Have fun and plz like! Learn More


"Born to be wild!" Left/Right to control handle bar angle Forward to drive Please rate for more features! Learn More