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Laser Racer 👇🏻DESC👇🏻

Yes, this is the name of the car. No, it is not the name of the man. This is the first ever race car I ever made. I hope you like the free driving and I hope I get featured! Oh my blocks! Thanks guys! Over 200 likes? Unbelievable! You guys are dah best! I never thought i would get over 170 likes.

My Dream Vacation (Space!!)

CONTROLS: up does float Down does well uh go down (LOL) ROOMS: Main room Control room Play room (where you bonce and kick stuff XD) HOW TO GO OUTSIDE: The little door that says warning, bump into it, then u can be in space! Just always use the up button!

Jurassic World (my vacation)

Welcome to Jurassic World, a totally "safe" park! A challenge entry for Dream Vacation. I may not be able to make everyone move because of the game sensitivity. Will add a T-Rex to paddock once they add Dino sets! Also a gentle giants petting zoo P.S. A totally dream for many? Added an Aviary for pterosaurs! V 1.5 If you don't tap Like, a T-Rex may be drinking water in your pool :3 (The Lost World)

Dream Vacation For Challenge

My Dream vacation would be living in a beach resort. OMG Featured! Thanks guys!

My Dream Vacation! (For Challenge!)

My dream vacation would be in Hawaii! Hope I win!

Dream Vacation for B.C (Read Desc.)

Hey Guys! It's me, CrackerTroter again! Just read this thing under it to UNDERstand. Dream: This is literally a game dream about a vacation. We have a hotel room at the top, a sand castle on the other side, and at the river are friends and my sister. Finally, you can ride the giant hot dog! This is for B.C (part of the dream (Featured), will it come true?)

My Dream Summer Vacation

This is my dream summer vacation i hope you liked it

How To Make A Car🚗

I made cute little flower buttons for the directions :D 🌷🌼🌺🌹🌸🌾🌻💐 Need a car to enter anyone's competition? Then you can learn how to make it here! Please like!😀 OMG FEATURED THIS DIDNT BARELY GET ELITE AT ALL HOW???? Updates: Music Featured sign And better character Thanks so much for featured!!! :D Also if any bugs make a world and I will try to fix it.

defend the generator!!

plz llike THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GTTING THIS FEATURED :D I still don't know why i am getting so much likes and now i got amazing world!

Custom Ferrari

Inspired by Isyraf This Custom Ferrari is mostly used to drag race or any type of muddy and dangerous races, mostly because it is cheap to make and has 134 horse power now that's a Lot! And the only problem with this car is that you can not see very well^.^ But do remember it does not last long since it's made out of scrap metal-_- Also if this does reach 50likes I will make a track:)

Daydream- The Meeting S1E3

Sorry it took me awhile! My first version was deleted on accident!😢 But I made it!

Hovering Military Gunship

PLZ like!!

Me As A Pony!

My Name Will Be ArtCake! Copyright

Playing Dress Up-Fathers Day

Don't judge the whole pirate doohickey, there just playing dress up. Hope you like the story line and if you do please leave a like and Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there.

The perfect grill for Father's Day

Tap on button to turn grill on/off. Tap on lid to open/close.

Happy Fathers Day!(For Challenge)

It is a picnic for Father's Day, you can tap on my sister on the card and the present which is a light kinda green. I hope you enjoy!

🎊🎉🎈Happy Fathers Day!🎈🎉🎊


Happy Fathers Day!!! 😃

Happy Father's Day to all of you and I hope that you all have a great Father's Day with your dads. 😀😀😀 Make sure to like and look at my other worlds by clicking my account picture!!!! Very special thanks for the people who liked!!!!! (The world is featured now, thanks again 😃!!!!)

Happy Fathers Day! (challenge)

For some rooms there isn't a door because that's where you should go.

#1 Dad Happy Fathers Day